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Our Process

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1.  Consultation

We look forward to speaking to you about your project. Once you have contacted us, we will set up a time with you on the phone to discuss your project. At this time we will discuss budgets and estimated cost for any design services. We will also schedule a time to meet you at your home.

3. Design and Pricing

Now we will go to work, collaborating our ideas with your vision to create a realistic 3d rendering of your project based on your budget. We will fine tune the design based on your feedback. This design will allow us to narrow down your line itemized pricing which becomes your contract once signed.

5. Preconstruction Meeting

Once the City and or HOA have given us the go-ahead for construction we will meet at your home once more. At this meeting we will go over the different aspects of construction. We will discuss the start date, anticipated construction duration, our access to your property and other expectations. We will answer any questions you may have. We will begin a construction text thread that will be used for communication during your project's construction.

2.  Site Visit

We will spend this time with you at your home getting to know you, looking at your different ideas, taking measurements and photos to help us design your project. At this meeting we will collect our design fee and get a  copy of your property survey before we leave.

4. Drafting & Permitting

Once contract is signed and deposit is paid, we will take your 3d rendering and transform it into a set of buildable plans.   These plans serve multiple purposes: to apply for building permits from the city, permission from you HOA and to construct your project. 

6. Construction

Now things are really getting exciting. Your project area will begin to transform. We will stay in constant communication to let you know what to expect each week. Things will tend to get pretty messy during this time but each day we will do our best to provide cleanup of the working area. Once completed we will do a final walkthrought with you to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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