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Turf  Maintenance

Our core expertise is the comprehensive management of your turf areas from month to month and season to season.


Irrigation Inspection

Maintaining your sprinkler system is important for many reasons. We make adjustments and help identify problems so that your landscape is getting the water it needs at the right time.


Bed and Shrub Maintenance

Flower beds and plantings are the focal point for your property. We ensure that your beds are clean and tidy and that bushes are trimmed at the proper time of year to maintain ​the beauty of your property.


Tree Pruning

We provide excellent care in pruning your properties trees.


Fertilization Treatments

It takes nutrients for a healthy, growing, bright landscape. We apply fertilizer to replenish your soil so your landscape always has the nutrients it needs.


Landscape Construction

Detailed budgets, work plans and timely maintenance reports are all part of our client-focused programs.


Seasonal Color Management

Flowers bloom all year and beds look alive and healthy when we change out plantings in your landscape each season.


​Tractor Services

No job is too small no job is too big. We have the ability to mow acreage properties.

About Us

We are successful because we have an organized infrastructure that works through many levels of dedication and quality. Whatever the service, you can rest assured Peacock Property Services is capable of delivering the highest level of perfection you deserve.


Turf Maintenance​
Bed and Shrub Maintenance
Fertilizer Treatments
Seasonal Color Management

Irrigation Inspection
Tree Pruning

Tractor Services

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